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business mentoring & consultancy with an ultimate social impact & global sustainability goal

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SocialGrowth • Lab

Our lab is where we put our minds together to serve our ultimate goals: create a sustainable world through viable business opportunities. Whether you have a growing SME or you're just in the process of starting your own business we can help you understand the impact you can have with your business.

The earlier you engage with us the easier we will be able to adapt your business and generate social growth. Identifying business opportunities with a sustainable twist is our expertise. We understand that your business needs to be successful in order to achieve this goal and that is where we stand apart from other consultancies in our field.

We have a team of growth hacking experts who have a social focus to help you improve your business model whilst also improving your impact. If you wish to learn more, meet the team or be kept up to date let us know.

we do not share details with anyone and we NEVER SPAM.

SocialGrowth • Events

This is your chance to network and grow your brand awareness either by networking in our events or leading an event with our support. Present your business and how it makes a difference or share your brand focus, culture, and values. We can help you nail down these as well if needed.

You can chose how to use our group in the way you wish. From brainstorming a problem you are facing, to getting feedback in a new service/product you wish to launch. To learn more either follow the link to our meetup page or register with us and we will keep you posted on our events as well as like minded events happening in Manchester.


About us

Simply put we are crazy enough to believe that we will achieve a 100% sustainable world. These are the principles that lead our way:

Transparency • Empowerment • Social Impact • Ethos

Lead by example internally & externally

Work with organisations that align with our values

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